TANTRUM Lab develops VR Rigger training system

//TANTRUM Lab develops VR Rigger training system

TANTRUM Lab develops VR Rigger training system

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TANTRUM Lab has combined its VR (virtual reality) Crane training simulator with a Rigger VR training experience to develop the TANTRUM Lab VR Rigger training system.

The VR Rigger training system uses the same environments as the VR Crane operator and provides an opportunity for the trainees to view lifts from the ground, giving a rigger’s perspective on what may be happening during lifts. The program’s 33 OSHA-approved multiple choice questions will test students’ knowledge of theory as well as provide 3D visual objects that students can use to assess and evaluate. The test then puts students into real-world offshore scenarios where they will use theory in a practical portion to identify 30 hazards in five different scenarios.

“No one ever thinks about the riggers, there’s way more of them and they’re the ones in the immediate area of danger nine times out of 10,” said Eastern Region & Gulf of Mexico Regional Sales Manager Travis Cummings.

The VR Rigger runs as a standalone system and does not require the complete VR Crane system to be operated. It has specifically been designed to run on the Oculus Go, a standalone self-contained and portable VR system that provides a fully immersive experience.

The VR Crane Training Simulator is a physics driven, real world training scenario environment with no risk to equipment or personnel. The system features naked hand tracking, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Riggers, an online Learning Management System (LMS), scenario-based modules and more. It includes three levels of difficulty, a fully integrated online/offline LMS, offshore and land practice areas, sling breaks, Z tests, personnel lifts and variable weather including seas and wind.