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The Simulation, Training and Assessment for Resilience and Safety Symposium (STRS) will be held 2021.

The event will highlight the continuous, often rapid and disruptive change in safety-critical industries, such as; nuclear power, oil & gas, renewable energy, healthcare, maritime, rail, aviation, defence, construction and first response.

STRS will enable attendees to benchmark against similar high risk, high-reliability sectors which deploy simulation for training. It will also provide new techniques and solutions to deliver safer and more efficient operations.

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Testimonials from 2019

‘Well done guys, absolutely hit the mark with some very interesting speakers .  Brilliant!!  Just the right number of people all of whom were good to interact with.’   – John Baker from NS&RC

“STRS 2019 was an incredible experience and well-worth the international travel. The conference was not only packed full of highly relevant industry experience, but also thought provoking ideas, which were discussed more in the coffee breaks than from the stages. I met partners, collaborators and clients and I look forward to continued partnerships!”  – Tyler H. Gates, Managing Principal, Brightline Interactive