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Safety Critical Training Conference

Why Safety Critical Training Conference (SCT)?

Advances in training theory and simulation together with improvements in learning science are today coupled with decreasing cost and ease of global use, make the use of the latest simulation and training viable for all safety driven enterprises.

Sharing experiences and solutions across different verticals provides practical insight and facilitates the adoption of best practices in your area of responsibility.

All enterprises are grappling with similar unavoidable issues many of them complicated by demographics.

These include:

  • A workforce that, given the rapid shift in technology over the past 30 years, spans multiple technology-generations a paradigm that is continuing and accelerating.
  • A decreasing number of very experienced staff whose knowledge must be transferred to new employees overcoming intergenerational, technological and geographical hurdles to communication and effective transfer of knowledge.
  • A new workforce that is completely comfortable with the digital world but whose education has not necessarily prepared them for the workplace.
  • An increasingly hostile legal system and stakeholder base resulting in a cost of failure in terms of injury to their workforce or customers which may be terminal due to direct costs and loss of reputation.
  • The cost of simply ‘getting it wrong’ and damaging process critical and expensive equipment can also be a serious problem.

Why Now?

  • Due to improvements in IT, it is now possible affordably train global workforces to a common standard via a common platform.
  • Improved understanding of how people the learn, the science of learning, allows these training schemes to be designed with definite goals and objectives in mind.
  • Maintenance of skills and skills assessment before and through an employee’s career are now available to leaders.
  • The identification and addressing of recurrent training needs can be effectively addressed using simulation, XR and distance delivery.
  • Gap analysis allows tailored training to be offered all employees and especially to those ‘strategic employees’ whose performance must be flawless.
  • Simulation technology, once the preserve of multi million euro operations is now available to all and the promise of AI, AR, and MR offers enhanced training capability at lower cost.

The confluence of these demands at a time when new solutions are already available and are improving at a rapid rate gives the answer to Why SCT.

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