Angola hook VSTEP NAUTIS fishing simulators

//Angola hook VSTEP NAUTIS fishing simulators

Angola hook VSTEP NAUTIS fishing simulators

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Dutch sim training specialists VSTEP will deliver a NAUTIS simulator to Angola for training a wide range of fishery techniques.

The deal includes a NAUTIS Class B and several NAUTIS desktop simulators with a MARIS radar and eGlobe ECDIS. They will equip these simulators with the fishing content and functionality package. This combination will help trainees in Angola prepare for operations at sea, against a range of weather conditions. A variety of fishing methods are available, including bottom trawling, pelagic trawling, longlining and jigging.

There were 567 casualties and incidents in 2018, according to the European Maritime Safety Agency. Eleven people lost their lives at sea with another 208 injured. More than half of those injuries took place onboard trawlers. Humans are responsible for over 6o% of accidents. This highlights the need for additional training, say VSTEP.

“It is great to see an increasing amount of interest in our fishing content and functionality package,” said Ties Klapwijk, Head of Business Development NAUTIS. “Our growing number of clients indicates a positive development.”

The deal is being delivered through VSTEP’s partner ANEXUS. Based in Spain, they have specialised in simulation technologies since the 1990s.