Antycip deliver immersive room to University of Corsica

//Antycip deliver immersive room to University of Corsica

Antycip deliver immersive room to University of Corsica

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Antycip Simulation have designed and installed ‘VIRTUAL CORSICA’, a new immersive room that will allow the University of Corsica to study society’s relationship with nature.

The two-sided L-shaped CAVE (Cave Automatic Virtual Environment) type room has two Christie Mirage WU14K-M projectors connected to an angled lens with high-tech direct projection.

This device will also allow students to view complex concepts and immerse themselves in various visual and audio environments. The room will be the launch pad for new projects between the university’s different teams and departments. This will be extended to local community, schools and even organisations.

“This work allows the University of Corsica to benefit from the unique and high-performing 3D and virtual-reality modelling and simulation equipment,” said Marie Antoinette Maupertuis, university professor and VIRTUAL CORSICA science project lead.

“On top of the new research and innovative educational activities, this equipment represents an attractive feature for the recruitment of new researchers and students.”

Antycip worked with Dushow Group and Euphonia on the project. Dushow was responsible for the conference and room management (mainly speakers and lighting). Euphonia supplied its CATT-acoustic software for the spatial-sound.

As the environment did not cater for back-projection technology resources, the teams had to avoid any shadowing in its design. The Antycip designers also provided the room’s mechanics and tracking equipment. It also produced a custom-made resin screen through its partner. Techviz software tracks and managing the content provided by the university in order to use it in 3D.

Johan Besnainou, head of Antycip Simulation France and Spain, was proud of the project.

“An immersive and collaborative room associated with spatial-sound and video-conference facilities makes this project truly unique in Europe,” he said.