BodyWorks COVID-19 Ultrasound Sim

//BodyWorks COVID-19 Ultrasound Sim

BodyWorks COVID-19 Ultrasound Sim

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Intelligent Ultrasound Group, the ultrasound artificial intelligence (AI) software and simulation company, has announced its BodyWorks Point-of-Care (PoCUS) Ultrasound simulator, with its newly released free COVID-19 lung ultrasound module, has been made available in the emergency simulation centre that has been set up at the NHS Nightingale Hospital at London’s ExCel centre.

To help in the fight against COVID-1,9 the BodyWorks training simulator combined with staff operating on-site at The Nightingale, are helping train clinicians to rapidly acquire and practice lung ultrasound skills.

Lung ultrasound has major utility for the management of respiratory related COVID-19 infection due to its safety, repeatability, absence of radiation, low cost and point of care use. It is also relatively easy to disinfect compared to alternative imaging modalities.

As well as the NHS Nightingale, the company has also remotely upgraded over 30 of its BodyWorks PoCUS training simulators with the new training module in hospitals in the UK, USA, Europe and Asia.

The BodyWorks COVID-19 module is provided free of charge for all existing and new BodyWorks PoCUS customers and will help with the training of healthcare professionals working in the front line of this global emergency.