3D Systems to Release COVID-19 Module

//3D Systems to Release COVID-19 Module

3D Systems to Release COVID-19 Module

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Recently released evidence based on Chinese and Italian experience with COVID-19 patients shares the advantages of Lung Ultrasound for front-line physicians and suggests that it has a key role in COVID-19 assessment and management.

Lung Ultrasound

Image credit: 3D Systems

Lung Ultrasound is considered an alternative to chest radiography or CT scanning in COVID-19 patients. It is safe, easy and quick for use at point-of-care, repeatable, low cost and radiation-free. Therefore, training physicians to rapidly acquire lung ultrasound skills can be critical for the success of COVID-19 management.

3D Systems is working around the clock to develop COVID-19 education and training content on the U/S Mentor simulator. If you are a physician with relevant experience, we encourage you to join our development efforts.

The new COVID-19 Module will be released on March 30, 2020 and will be provided free of charge to Simbionix U/S Mentor customers.