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PSMF and APSF Award Patient Safety Curriculum Award

The Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation (APSF) and the Patient Safety Movement Foundation (PSMF) announced that Brian Bensadigh, MD, MBA of the Keck School of Medicine of USC, has been awarded the 2020 Patient Safety Curriculum Award (PSCA). Dr. Bensadigh’s proposal, “Perioperative Patient Safety Curriculum for Anesthesia Trainees,” was selected from an outstanding field of applications. The 2020 PSCA awards $100,000 to an anesthesia education investigator for the purpose of modifying the PSMF’s Actionable Patient Safety Solutions (APSS) #17: Patient Safety Curriculum to specifically address perioperative patient safety. The awardee will then test the educational efficiency and effectiveness of implementing the modified curriculum in anesthesia training programs across the spectrum of anesthesia professions. “We are thrilled to partner with the APSF on this grant to improve perioperative patient safety education,” said Dr. David Mayer, Chief Executive Officer of the PSMF. “We can’t wait to see the results of Dr. Bensadigh and team’s implementation.” Dr. Mark Warner, President of the APSF noted, “Dr. Bensadigh’s proposal provides us with a wonderful opportunity to modify the PSMF’s outstanding general Patient Safety Curriculum for use in perioperative settings.  Once we have a validated, high quality anesthesia-specific curriculum, we hope to subsequently work closely with our [...]

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3D Systems to Release COVID-19 Module

Recently released evidence based on Chinese and Italian experience with COVID-19 patients shares the advantages of Lung Ultrasound for front-line physicians and suggests that it has a key role in COVID-19 assessment and management. Image credit: 3D Systems Lung Ultrasound is considered an alternative to chest radiography or CT scanning in COVID-19 patients. It is safe, easy and quick for use at point-of-care, repeatable, low cost and radiation-free. Therefore, training physicians to rapidly acquire lung ultrasound skills can be critical for the success of COVID-19 management. 3D Systems is working around the clock to develop COVID-19 education and training content on the U/S Mentor simulator. If you are a physician with relevant experience, we encourage you to join our development efforts. The new COVID-19 Module will be released on March 30, 2020 and will be provided free of charge to Simbionix U/S Mentor customers.

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Magic Leap Offers Support for COVID-19

With the global events of the past month, Magic Leap wants to offer support as individuals manage through an unprecedented business environment. As many companies face the challenges of supporting a remote workforce, there’s an increasing need to provide solutions and services to support dispersed teams. Image credit: Magic Leap In response to requests for rapid access to Magic Leap’s remote communication and collaboration solutions, Magic Leap and Spatial are offering the Magic Leap Collaboration Package. This package allows individuals and their teams to work, communicate, and collaborate as if they were in the same place at the same time. The package includes remote service set-up and installation with user licenses for spatial app access, four Magic Leap 1 devices for a trial period of 45 days, and credit for one Magic Leap 1 with package purchase at the end of the 45 day trial.

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PSMF Creates Ambassador Program

Since 2016, the Patient Safety Movement Foundation (PSMF) has created regional networks across the country and the world. This initial group, called Regional Network Chairs, aided the PSMF’s outreach efforts by facilitating connections to more hospitals, healthcare technology companies, partners, and patient advocates than ever before. This year, PSMF is continuing this expansion through the emergence of Patient Safety Movement Ambassadors, both geographically and on a more local level. An ambassador is a Patient Safety Movement Foundation volunteer appointed for a special assignment; bringing together key stakeholders in healthcare to help achieve ZERO preventable patient deaths. Ambassadors are connectors, facilitators and key champions around a specific patient safety challenge.  

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SonoSim Supports Remote Education in Response to COVID-19

SonoSim is committed to supporting healthcare institutions, training programs, and medical providers around the world respond to the challenge of COVID-19. Its remote learning platform is helping educators and healthcare professionals alike, respond to a rapidly changing learning environment. Image credit: SonoSim In direct response to current events, SonoSim is providing ultrasound educators seeking to enable learning outside the classroom with complimentary access to its cloud-based SonoSim Course Library. SonoSim supports group ultrasound training and education through delivery of peer-reviewed, online SonoSim Courses & Assessments; ultrasound image acquisition and interpretation training via a virtual tutor; on-demand ultrasound scanning of real pathology via the SonoSimulator; and performance tracking, analytics, and automated assessment.  

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Distance Learning During Covid-19 with OMS

With the ongoing disruption from COVID-19, colleges and universities are increasingly cancelling some or all in-person classes. As clinicians and educators, the team at Oxford Medical Simulation (OMS) are acutely aware of the difficulties this poses for healthcare education. To help mitigate missed face-to-face and group teaching, OMS is therefore providing US, Canadian and UK institutions with complimentary access to the online simulation platform OMS Distance over the coming weeks. Image credit: Oxford Medical Simulation OMS Distance is the online and distance-learning solution from Oxford Medical Simulation. Learners can access multiple scenarios from home, practicing the assessment and management of virtual patients, receiving feedback on their performance, repeating as needed and engaging in blended learning. With libraries of scenarios for students and practicing clinicians across healthcare, OMS Distance support all groups of learners at any stage of their career.

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Magic Leap Releases New Products and Functionalities

Magic Leap ended 2019 by releasing Magic Leap 1, its Enterprise Suite, and an update to Lumin OS and Lumin SDK. Now the company is releasing several more products and functionalities including Lumin OS 0.98.10, a Desktop Companion App, meetings and Device Manager. Image credit: Magic Leap Lumin OS 0.98.10 offers new features and applications to improve the way users collaborate and work, both in-person and remotely. The Desktop Companion App is a new tool that allows 3D designers and modelers to quickly, easily, and securely share what they’ve created on a 2D screen to a Magic Leap device. The company has also evolved some of its earlier social features toward an enterprise-ready collaboration platform: meetings. With meetings, users can chat, share, and collaborate on 2D and 3D content with both local and remote users. With many companies imposing travel restrictions and with public gatherings becoming an increasing public health issue, the company believes that spatial computing can offer the next best solution to collaborating with coworkers in person. Alongside these two enterprise apps, Magic Leap has added new admin functionalities to Device Manager its software that gives organizations the support and tools needed to use and manage [...]

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VirTra Receives $1.1M Order Through New Distributor

VirTra, Inc. has received an initial $1.1 million order through a new distributor in Europe. Through the preliminary order, VirTra will be providing the distributor with multiple simulators, including V-ST PROs, as well as various accessories such as drop-in recoil kits that convert standard firearms into training firearms, and Threat-Fire electric shoot-back devices so that trainees experience real stress during virtual training. In addition to setting up the equipment, VirTra will also be conducting training during each installation. VirTra anticipates recognizing all revenues from this order by the end of 2021. “As part of our broader strategy to expand our international presence, we’ve been selected by a well-established distributor in Europe,” said Bob Ferris, CEO and Chairman of VirTra. “This gives us an excellent opportunity to provide first responders and military personnel throughout Europe with industry-leading technology and training methods, and we’re certainly encouraged by this significant initial order. Given the years this distributor spent vetting simulation manufacturers and their product’s efficiency, the decision to partner with VirTra is a great testament to the quality of our products. We look forward to helping advance effective simulation training throughout Europe in the years to come.”  

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Ternium Brasil Selects ITI VR Crane Simulations

After a successful year of piloting the ITI VR (Virtual Reality) Crane Simulations at their Ternium Mexico location, Ternium has expanded its use of ITI VR to its Brasil facility as of February 2020. The Ternium Brasil location has elected to gain complete immersion through use of the ITI VR Motion Base platform powered by an ITI VR Essentials by Crane Type Subscription, which allows the subscriber unlimited user access to the crane types of their choosing. As a high volume, high-quality steel manufacturing company, access to the latest technology provided with ITI VR Crane Simulations matches its values of safety, excellence, and customer value.

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Universal Motion Base for Heavy Equipment Sims

Serious Labs unveiled its latest technology innovation: a Universal Motion Base (UMB) for seated Virtual Reality (VR) Heavy Equipment Simulators in the Festival Hall, booth F100901. The UMB has been designed as the common foundation for the development of additional VR equipment simulators such as skid steers, dozers, excavators, backhoes, and more – as well as for vehicles such as buses and trucks. Image credit: Serious Labs “We are really excited about our latest innovation,” said Jim Colvin, CEO, Serious Labs. “Because of its versatility, the UMB has opened a wide door for us to have conversations with any number of equipment manufacturers or industry regulators whereby we could build training simulators, no matter what industry they are in or where in the world they are located.” The UMB comes standard with an operator’s seat, a custom-tuned D-Box actuator system for motion-feedback, and a slide-lock attachment system, which is focused on operator comfort during equipment training. The UMB’s design offers logical options for equipment controls, including a steering column or control handles, multiple pedal options and attachment points on either side of the operator to accommodate all future equipment types. When the company develops additional equipment simulators on [...]

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