GE Hitachi Collaborates with Virtualware on VR Workforce Training

//GE Hitachi Collaborates with Virtualware on VR Workforce Training

GE Hitachi Collaborates with Virtualware on VR Workforce Training

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GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy and Virtualware have collaborated on workforce training that is based on Virtual Reality Immersive Rooms. GE Hitachi will provide the OEM expertise, the training content, and the process know-how, and Virtualware will provide the Enterprise VR Solution VIROO Immersive Room, along with training simulators, in different locations around the world.


Image credit: Virtualware

VIROO enables any organisation to launch 1:1 scale and multi-user virtual reality content by means of a tracking technology and a software platform. This platform will allow GE Hitachi to operate and manage the rooms efficiently, as well as generate and include new content to provide not only standard training solutions, but just-in-time bespoke solutions associated to complex nonstandard works as well.

The first content simulator developed is aimed to train workers in fuel movement operations using a physical replica of the necessary equipment connected directly to the virtual environment. The fuel movement process is a complex and highly skilled activity that requires top-level expertise and training, as well as outstanding coordination between the different parties involved during the fuel movement process.

The fuel movement simulator is part of a new generation of simulators that GE Hitachi, in alliance with Virtualware, will release for operation during the coming years, not only for the BWR technology but PWR and D&D as well.

“For Virtualware, this announcement is a major milestone in our history. Not only does it position us at a global level, but it also reaffirms the commitment we made 3 years ago to develop a product like VIROO, which is the basis of this agreement,” says Unai Extremo,  VIrtualware CEO.

This initiative will improve the capabilities of professionals through intensive training and contribute to the reduction of both costs and risks. In addition, these systems will help Nuclear customers to have just-in-time bespoke training solutions on site that will contribute to the reduction of operational costs associated with training and quality issues.