ATS Wins Grant to Enhance Training Suite

//ATS Wins Grant to Enhance Training Suite

ATS Wins Grant to Enhance Training Suite

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Epic Games MegaGrants awarded ATS $100,000 to further develop ATSsim Suite with Unreal Engine technology, making the web-based training solution a more immersive experience in an augmented reality ecosystem.

“To say ATS is excited about this opportunity is an understatement,” said Jason Bewley, ATS president. “The grant will enhance the capability of our signature software, but more importantly, it will enhance response training for military, disaster and healthcare first responders serving on the frontlines.”

Currently, ATSsim Suite is used by commercial, government, and military organizations to prepare for a wide range of natural and man-made emergencies. It creates realistic, personalized and dynamic training experiences with analytics capabilities. The dynamic capabilities within ATSsim Suite allow information to be actively shared and provide the ability to deliver insights to what is being learned and what gaps remain.

With the grant from Epic Games, ATS will evolve ATSsim from a two-dimensional, map-based training and constructive simulation software to an augmented reality, virtual simulation experience that will enhance training for emergency management, first responder and military communities.

“Adding Unreal Engine technology and integrating augmented reality and virtual simulation is the next step in the evolution of ATSsim Suite,” said Mike Suman, ATS Chief Operations Officer. “We’re very proud of the emergency response training suite we’ve developed and we’re equally excited to expand its capabilities.”

The Epic MegaGrants program encourages projects that will benefit the Unreal Engine ecosystem or the 3D graphics community.