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First STRS Attracts Cross-Sector Training Leaders

First STRS Attracts Cross-Sector Training Leaders Nuclear power. Rail. Construction. Oil & gas. Aviation. Healthcare. Renewable energy. Defence. Maritime. First responders. What do they have in common? They are all safety-critical sectors requiring highly skilled personnel. And they are all facing rapid, disruptive change in their domains, driven by inexorable digitisation and automation, budget pressures and a multi-generational workforce with differing learning styles. Thought leaders and subject experts representing these varied industries came together for the first time in a joint forum to examine their shared challenges and to offer each other best-practice solutions in the selection and training of their current and future employees. The event was the first Simulation, Training and Assessment for Resilience & Safety Symposium (STRS), staged in London by Halldale Group and the European Training and Simulation Association (ETSA), the leading providers of information on training and simulation for high end reliability industries. Andy Smith, Halldale Group “There was a lot of engagement,” said Andy Smith, Halldale Group CEO, “People were enthusiastic.” “Absolutely fantastic. Much better than we could have expected,” added ETSA President Steve Wilkinson. Andy Fawkes, former lead for the UK Ministry of Defence’s simulation policy / strategy development, who served as moderator for STRS, said, “I [...]

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2019 Conference Proceedings

To download a presentation: Click on the name of the speaker whose presentation you wish to view. This will open a new window and then click the ‘Download Presentation’ button. All presentations will be either a PDF or PPTX file. All PowerPoint files have been password-protected, so click on the ‘Read Only’ option when opening.  Day 1 – Tuesday 26th March 2019 0915-1015  Session 1 1) Opening Remarks 2) Professor Bryn Baxendale, Consultant Anaesthetist & Director, Trent Simulation & Clinical Skills Centre, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust Implementing a Targeted Team Training Programme to Improve Critical Patient Safety Skills and Behaviours in the Operating Theatre Environment 3) Tyler Gates,  Managing Principal, Brightline Interactive The Immersive Ecosystem: The Answer to Readiness 1015-1100  Coffee 1100-1230  Session 2 1) Nathan Baker, Director of Engineering Knowledge, Institution of Civil Engineers Civil Engineering in the Digital World; Our Industrial Revolution 2) Johannah Randall, Head of Station Operations, HS2 Ltd. The Future of Work: What This Means for Selection, Retention and Training 3) Commander Frode Voll Mjelde & CDR Petter Lunde, The Royal Norwegian Naval Academy Team Resilience Training in Virtual and Live Environments 1230-1400  Lunch 1400-1530  Session 3 1) Rusmat Ahmed, Senior Vice President Sales, EMEA, Bohemia Interactive Simulations Exploiting Gaming Technology for Training 2) Dr. [...]

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For effective training it’s essential to have the right simulation projection and audio technology that can realistically and accurately reproduce real-world scenarios as they are seen and heard in real life. With a focused R&D and customer service team, our mission is to deliver the highest performing simulation & training products which increase the overall value of the training experience and reduces risk for our customers. www.barco.com

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Bolverk XR

Bolverk XR Bolverk XR is in the midst of revolutionizing the airline training industry by creating training content using the latest VR, AR and MR technologies. Instructors and Cabin Crew can finally bring real-world scenarios with them on the go for a better, more efficient and fun learning process! Airlines are therefore improving the quality of their training while lowering time and cost versus yesteryears centralized, expensive hardware based training. Our mission is to provide Airlines with a State-of-the-art educational method when it comes to critical emergency procedures ensuring the safety of their PAX. Learn more at www.bolverkxr.com

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ETSA ETSA has established itself as “The European Voice” of the MS&T community. ETSA represents the European training and simulation community.  It provides a non-partisan environment for government bodies, academia, users and suppliers within Europe to network, exchange opportunities, ideas, information and strategies on education, training and simulation technology & methodology. ETSA undergoes, and co-ordinates, research, development and innovation work to promote and help instigate, improve and extend the widespread use and efficacy of modelling and simulation technologies (including virtual, augmented and mixed reality) and practices for training and other applications throughout the European community. ETSA organises seminars, workshops, visits and interest groups. It runs an informative website, publishes regular Members’ Newsletters and provides Member discounts/benefits at many major training & simulation exhibitions, conferences and events World-wide. If you have a professional interest in education, training, modelling and simulation in Europe, join Europe’s premier Association. www.etsa.eu

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PAULEY PAULEY are an award-winning team of UK-based, highly skilled, highly experienced software specialists that can help you deliver innovative and effective digital solutions in multiple areas including skills/training and competency; stakeholder engagement; maintenance/fault finding and project management. Our software solutions can interconnect with a range of leading-edge immersive technologies from Mobile and Touchscreen Tech to Augmented Reality and Gesture Control, enabling the delivery of highly engaging content through extremely powerful mechanisms such as Microsoft HoloLens and Oculus Rift. PAULEY are technology/hardware agnostic and can, therefore, develop solutions that operate through a range of platforms. Whether it’s turning paper-based questions into a competency management system; visualising complex processes into a detailed 3D model or accurately replicating an entire environment in virtual/augmented reality our technology delivers automated, interactive and future-proofed experiences.

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Bohemia Interactive Simulations

Bohemia Interactive Simulations Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim) is a global software company at the forefront of simulation and training solutions for defense and civilian organizations. Our mission is to harness the explosive potential of technology to revolutionize training and simulation. BISim leverages the latest commercial technology and a large, experienced in-house engineering team to develop high-fidelity, cost-effective training and simulation software. Learn more at bisimulations.com

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Industrial Training International, Inc.

Industrial Training International, Inc. ITI UK is focused on serving customers in the United Kingdom by training teams and personnel involved in load handling activities. ITI employs a myriad of educational design techniques to engage students including - instructor-led, online and virtual reality training. The company is headquartered in Birmingham. Learn more at www.iti.com

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British Army selects BISim for VR pilot programme 

The British Army has awarded a contract to Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim) to demonstrate the art of using virtual reality, machine learning and cloud computing for the Army’s Collective Training Transformation Programme (CTTP). The pilot programme has been made available through the Defence Innovation Fund, MOD investment into innovation. BISim will work under the VR In-Land Training (VRLT) Pilot Programme, a British Army CTTP initiative charged with exploring the use of VR for collective land warfare training and identifying the potential benefits and effectiveness of VR for military training and simulation. The VRLT Programme will help make recommendations on the impact, affordability, innovation and exploitation of VR for U.K. defence training. BISim will help deliver a series of training events for the pilot programme demonstrating VR and MR (mixed reality) capabilities using BISim products. The training events will use VBS3, BISim’s flagship desktop training software; VBS Blue IG, the company’s high-performance whole-earth image generation software; and VBS STE, a prototype whole-earth desktop trainer that combines the power of the VBS3 simulation engine with high-fidelity VBS Blue IG visuals. BISim has subcontracted Cervus Defence and Security Ltd, a U.K. company with expertise in capturing and leveraging defence training data, to [...]

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Serious Play offers two conferences

Serious Play Events, featuring more than 80 sessions by the global thought leaders driving and expanding the study of games and simulations to improve learning and research, will gather at two separate conferences in 2019: Wednesday – Friday, July 10-12 at University of Quebec at Montreal (UQAM) Wednesday – Friday, July 24-26 at the University of Central Florida (UCF)’s new downtown campus in Orlando The use of games and simulations, it says, is gathering steam as a more productive technique for education, training and research. Metaari, an analyst firm in the industry, is forecasting a 37percent increase in global CAGR for the next five years, quadrupling revenues to more than $17.1 billion by 2023. Serious Play Conferences, three-day practical, experiential learning events now in their 11th year, bring together serious game developers and instructional designers; training directors implementing learning programs in government, corporations and healthcare institutions; K12 administrators and faculty; and higher education faculty. To see the caliber of speakers and sessions last year, here is the program from the 2018 DC conference: 2018 SPC-GMU Program Speakers interested in applying to do a session or workshop can find the form here: http://seriousplayconf.com/speaker-submission/ For more information on the conferences, visit: www.seriousplayconf.com [...]

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