CAE Healthcare Academy to Showcase Consulting Services at IMSH

//CAE Healthcare Academy to Showcase Consulting Services at IMSH

CAE Healthcare Academy to Showcase Consulting Services at IMSH

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The CAE Healthcare Academy will showcase its consulting services for healthcare education at IMSH 2020 and will offer conference attendees the opportunity to meet one-on-one with its clinical experts during the conference. The CAE Healthcare Academy Services division expanded this year to meet the growing demand for hospital-based staff education programs to help improve clinical competency and patient safety.

“As more hospitals invest in simulation to improve interprofessional teamwork, safety and outcomes, we have seen increased demand for services to help them integrate educational and simulation-based methodologies,” said Rekha Ranganathan, president of CAE Healthcare. “Our unique position within CAE and our access to aviation-based models and the human factors approach to reducing error have broad appeal among healthcare institutions seeking systemic improvement.”

Led by Chief Learning Officer Amar Patel, the CAE Healthcare Academy is composed of clinicians and clinical educators who have in-depth practical experience in simulation-based education. The most requested CAE Healthcare Academy services are faculty and technical staffing for new or expanding simulation centers, consulting to identify training gaps, and root cause analyses to help institutions identify how mistakes and errors happen within healthcare systems.

With a global presence of full-time and adjunct clinical faculty, the CAE Healthcare Academy also validates CAE’s simulation technology, develops curriculum, and provides virtual, online and peer-to-peer training and development for healthcare faculty and instructors. For institutions and simulation centers, the Academy provides strategic growth planning, implementing pathways to learning via simulation methodologies, and Return on Investment (ROI) and Return on Expectation (ROE) evaluations.