CAE Healthcare Offers Coronavirus Sim Training Scenario and Webinars

//CAE Healthcare Offers Coronavirus Sim Training Scenario and Webinars

CAE Healthcare Offers Coronavirus Sim Training Scenario and Webinars

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CAE Healthcare will offer complimentary webinars and a downloadable scenario throughout the months of March and April to help caregivers practice personal safety procedures and initial patient assessment related to coronavirus. These webinars and the scenario will be offered free of charge for customers and healthcare providers. In addition, CAE Healthcare Academy is developing a simulation-based training course to help assess, diagnose, and treat patients with coronavirus and to help organizations ensure that staff are ready to don and doff personal protective equipment.

Coronavirus Training

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“The coronavirus presents a significant challenge to healthcare providers, and CAE Healthcare is offering solutions to deal with the outbreak,” said Amar Patel, Chief Learning Officer at CAE Healthcare. “This simulation-based training will allow healthcare professionals to practice patient assessment and manage the environment while keeping themselves and their patients safe in impacted areas.”

“Simulation-based training is a key patient safety strategy that can help improve teamwork and communication amid unpredictable, rapidly unfolding situations,” said Rekha Ranganathan, President of CAE Healthcare. “By offering realistic practice scenarios to caregivers before they enter high-stress environments, we can have a positive impact on outcomes.”

The CAE Healthcare Academy’s complimentary webinars and initial training scenario, titled Suspected COVID-19, can be accessed at

A four-scenario training course, Pathogens of High Consequence, will be offered to healthcare providers and systems in the coming weeks.