CAE and iRIS to share coronavirus scenario

//CAE and iRIS to share coronavirus scenario

CAE and iRIS to share coronavirus scenario

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CAE Healthcare and UK-based iRIS Health Solutions are to make CAE’s COVID-19 Simulated Clinical Experience (SCE) for healthcare available free to the global iRIS community.

iRIS and the SCE will be accessible to all of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH) to aid collaboration. The SSH has 4,200 members in 60 countries.

iRIS is a healthcare training authoring and sharing platform with over 1,800 users globally. It allows physicians, educators and healthcare professionals to create, share, and download training for use on simulators from different manufacturers.

The addition of CAE’s COVID-19 SCE allows users to create derivative scenarios for different healthcare contexts and sets of circumstances. It will also enable the delivery of the SCE on other non-CAE patient simulators.

“The Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH) knows that our members are working tirelessly to develop and deliver critical training and educational experiences during this challenging time,” said Bob Armstrong, President of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare.

“Social distancing and sequestering are moving learning to virtual spaces. We thank CAE Healthcare and IRIS for helping improve patient care during this pandemic.”

Rekha Ranganathan, President of CAE Healthcare, said they are collaborating to support front line healthcare providers. “By offering our COVID-19 scenario on a global platform, we can leverage the simulation community’s collective experience to deliver vital education to regions that may not have access to essential training that will protect healthcare providers and improve patient outcomes.”

Philip Purver, Managing Director of IRIS Health Solutions said thousands needed rapid training. “We applaud CAE Healthcare’s quick response to the situation,” he said. “This is not the time for us each to be creating training from scratch. But more for us to all pull together and share resources.”