Cognitive3D and Varjo Partner to Better Measure Human Behavior

//Cognitive3D and Varjo Partner to Better Measure Human Behavior

Cognitive3D and Varjo Partner to Better Measure Human Behavior

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Varjo is partnering with Cognitive3D, a Canadian company that provides tools for professionals to measure and understand user behavior in immersive environments. The Cognitive3D software can be used to capture user interactions, position, biometrics and eye tracking using Varjo’s virtual and mixed reality (VR/MR) headsets.


Image credit: Varjo

Combined with Varjo’s human-eye resolution visual fidelity and the 20/20 Eye Tracker, the integration with Cognitive3D means that even more professionals can now benefit from accurate analytics gained from realistic training and research scenarios.

“Moving operations and analytics to VR can be useful for scenarios that are dangerous or difficult to repeat otherwise, both in training and research. Additionally, training in VR has proven to be much more effective than traditional methods, as people learn much better by doing,” says Tony Bevilacqua, Founder and CEO at Cognitive3D. “The precise eye tracking and human-eye resolution available only in Varjo’s headsets are necessary requirements for companies to increase trainees’ immersion and capture actionable data. Together, Varjo and Cognitive3D enable companies to maximize the learning opportunities in immersive training and research scenarios.”

“Especially in complex training simulations, such as aerospace or medical training, there is a high need for analytics and measuring success. The ability for the user to see the smallest details in the immersive environment is something that only Varjo can deliver. We are thrilled to expand the ecosystem of our supported VR analytics platforms with Cognitive3D,” says Jarno Pelkonen, Head of Ecosystem Development at Varjo.