GIGXR Acquires Immersive Learning Group

//GIGXR Acquires Immersive Learning Group

GIGXR Acquires Immersive Learning Group

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GIGXR, Inc. has acquired global mixed reality and immersive learning assets from Pearson PLC.


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GIGXR provides a SaaS platform delivering extended reality (XR) learning applications for medical and nursing schools, higher education, healthcare and enterprise. The company was founded in 2019 for the purpose of acquiring the Pearson Immersive Learning Group’s holographic content management platform and suite of applications. It acquired the assets of the operating business, including the existing base of users, strategic partnerships and related intellectual property, while assuming the technical, creative and business team of employees working in the business.

The suite of offerings include flagship products HoloPatient and HoloHuman, applications for mixed reality that facilitate clinical skills practice and anatomy learning in medical and nursing schools, undergraduate institutions and hospitals. The applications operate on the newly released Microsoft Hololens 2 mixed reality headset.

The company will expand its SaaS Platform with medical, hard science, technical, healthcare and enterprise training applications that supplement curriculum for some of the most prevalent and intractable learning and education challenges. Enhanced learning through collaborative, engaging, transformative holographic 3D content in key disciplines with cost-effective extended reality tools significantly improves learning and reduces costs.

“The Pearson Immersive Learning group has been instrumental in driving research and pioneering technology for mixed reality learning,” said David King Lassman, CEO of GIGXR. “We’re thrilled to expand on their great work to grow the platform and suite of applications globally when demand for enhanced learning through immersive simulation has never been higher.”

Education technology is predicted to hit $252 USD billion by 2020 with XR accounting for $61 USD billion by 2022, while the global healthcare/medical simulation market is growing at a steady annual rate of over 14%.