Magic Leap Releases New Products and Functionalities

//Magic Leap Releases New Products and Functionalities

Magic Leap Releases New Products and Functionalities

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Magic Leap ended 2019 by releasing Magic Leap 1, its Enterprise Suite, and an update to Lumin OS and Lumin SDK. Now the company is releasing several more products and functionalities including Lumin OS 0.98.10, a Desktop Companion App, meetings and Device Manager.

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Lumin OS 0.98.10 offers new features and applications to improve the way users collaborate and work, both in-person and remotely.

The Desktop Companion App is a new tool that allows 3D designers and modelers to quickly, easily, and securely share what they’ve created on a 2D screen to a Magic Leap device.

The company has also evolved some of its earlier social features toward an enterprise-ready collaboration platform: meetings. With meetings, users can chat, share, and collaborate on 2D and 3D content with both local and remote users. With many companies imposing travel restrictions and with public gatherings becoming an increasing public health issue, the company believes that spatial computing can offer the next best solution to collaborating with coworkers in person.

Alongside these two enterprise apps, Magic Leap has added new admin functionalities to Device Manager its software that gives organizations the support and tools needed to use and manage Magic Leap devices, apps, and identities.