MemorialCare Earns Top Honor from Patient Safety Movement Foundation

//MemorialCare Earns Top Honor from Patient Safety Movement Foundation

MemorialCare Earns Top Honor from Patient Safety Movement Foundation

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The Patient Safety Movement Foundation (PSMF) has presented MemorialCare with its highest honor, the 5-Star Hospital Award, in recognition of MemorialCare’s steadfast commitment to patient safety and quality of care. The award was presented by PSMF founder Joe Kiani to MemorialCare President and CEO Barry Arbuckle during a ceremony at MemorialCare headquarters.

“We are incredibly proud of the leadership that MemorialCare has taken in the area of patient safety,” Kiani said, “and hope that other hospitals will be inspired by MemorialCare’s bold commitment to action.”

PSMF’s 5-Star hospital program began in 2018 and MemorialCare is one of only six health systems across the United States to receive the award.

“Patient safety and quality of care are always top of mind and top of heart at MemorialCare,” said Barry Arbuckle, Ph.D., president and CEO, MemorialCare. “I commend the incredible work PSMF is doing to bring together health systems, healthcare technology companies, patient advocates and others to dramatically improve patient safety.”

PSMF has established evidence-based Actionable Patient Safety Solutions (APSS) that provide specific, proven processes to help hospitals prevent medical harm. Written by teams of experts in their respective fields, APSS include creating a culture of safety, patient blood management, early detection and treatment of sepsis, neonatal safety and more. More than 4,710 hospitals in 50 countries have implemented a number of the APSS developed by the PSMF workgroups.

“We know that implementing the APSS, as part of a comprehensive patient safety program, helps hospitals eliminate preventable deaths,” said Kiani. “By implementing the APSS, MemorialCare has shown an incredible commitment to eliminating the leading causes of preventable patient deaths.”