Mission Room and NTAR announce new partnership

//Mission Room and NTAR announce new partnership

Mission Room and NTAR announce new partnership

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The partnership will involve Mission Room supplying technology to enable NTAR to capture 360-degree videos of real world situations, produce immersive training media, and let students experience this in a 3-meter cube Mission Room Arena system. Mission Room will work with NTAR to evolve the company’s immersive training solutions and develop further innovations to the training offering. This will ensure that NTAR maintains a lead in the delivery of their training content. Mission Room will also offer a facility to work with NTAR clients to map this technology to the company’s specific needs.

Mission Room enables NTAR to place groups of trainees and apprentices inside virtual dynamic and hazardous situations in complete safety, providing a unique training capability within the rail sector. As the first rail training organisation to take Mission Room onboard, the partnership ensures NTAR will be at the forefront of new and innovative training methods.

General Manager of NTAR Simon Rennie anticipates that the Mission Room will ‘enhance situational training in a safety critical environment’. Allowing trainees to be placed ‘safely and collectively, into a simulated environment that could be trackside, in a maintenance depot, or demonstrating standard operating processes’.

The Mission Room system has multiple benefits, given the wide range of uses, including product familiarisation, technical training, and depot or trackside operations (including the development and delivery of health and safety training).