NOCTI Partners with zSpace to Deliver AR/VR Training

//NOCTI Partners with zSpace to Deliver AR/VR Training

NOCTI Partners with zSpace to Deliver AR/VR Training

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NOCTI announced a partnership that will offer NOCTI career and technical education (CTE) certification opportunities as part of the teaching and learning content provided through zSpace.

The ability to incorporate NOCTI credentials as an extension of a zSpace CTE program empowers schools to better prepare students for high-wage, high-demand careers and leverage the comprehensive data provided by NOCTI that can be used by students, teachers, and administrators for individual, instructional, and program improvement opportunities.

“NOCTI’s mission is to build a competent workforce through creative learning solutions — we must be preparing students for technology-driven careers utilizing cutting-edge learning opportunities,” said John Foster, Ph.D., NOCTI and Nocti Business Solutions president and CEO. “Our partnership with zSpace delivers even more training advantages to students seeking our certifications, who will enter the workforce and be on an immediate path toward career success.”

“When CTE programs embrace AR and VR technologies, students are not only more engaged and motivated, but also directly exposed to training that will set them on the path to job and career success,” said Paul Kellenberger, zSpace chief executive officer. “AR and VR are transforming the teaching and learning processes for CTE programming, and our partnership with NOCTI will easily extend those experiences to valuable industry certifications.”