Oxford Medical Simulation Launches Multiplayer VR Training

//Oxford Medical Simulation Launches Multiplayer VR Training

Oxford Medical Simulation Launches Multiplayer VR Training

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Oxford Medical Simulation has launched OMS Interprofessional, a multiplayer virtual reality (VR) simulation platform.

OMS Interprofessional allows multiple learners to be in the same virtual reality scenario at one time, whether they are in the same room or different countries. Learners can collaborate, discuss and make decisions as a team, just like in real life, to improve patient care.

Image credit: Oxford Medical Simulation

Using VR headsets, learners are immersed in clinical environments with dynamic, engaging patients in true-to-life clinical scenarios where they can assess and treat patients in collaboration with their colleagues. Learners can see multiple patients, interview,  examine, investigate, and engage with their interdisciplinary team to treat their patient – who responds as in real life.

The focus in OMS Interprofessional is on teamwork, communication, critical thinking and clinical reasoning – allowing clinicians to apply their knowledge and learn together. After each scenario learners enter a group debriefing environment, allowing them to analyse performance as a team, discussing the case and focusing on human factors just like in traditional simulation.

Team performance analytics are also available to learners and faculty to facilitate debriefing, progress tracking and identify needs. Learners can enter the multiplayer environment with faculty or as independent teams, allowing for flexible and adaptive use cases.