Proforma Affiliate Owner Wins $6M Nuclear Power Training Contract

//Proforma Affiliate Owner Wins $6M Nuclear Power Training Contract

Proforma Affiliate Owner Wins $6M Nuclear Power Training Contract

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Rich Mitchell, owner of ProMediaAspire, has secured a $6-million contract with a nuclear power company across 13 of their nuclear generation stations. The contract provides a format to train workers through the use of cutting-edge Virtual Reality (VR) technology to help reduce health risks to employees.

Mitchell is utilizing VR 3D modelling to create virtual rooms and floor plans of nuclear power plants that will be used to train workers to perform quickly and efficiently on plant maintenance and repair. This technology will reduce employees’ work hours inside the plant and limit overall long-term radiological exposure.

When Rich became aware of the opportunities in nuclear power training, he immediately began working with Proforma’s Vendor Relations team to identify a list of Preferred Suppliers that had the right set of resources and experience. The network’s Vendor Relations team was able to pair Mitchell with a Proforma Preferred Supplier that had a background in VR training in the energy, aerospace and military sectors.

“This was a win-win contract that I could have never done without Proforma,” says Rich Mitchell. “Our ability to use Virtual Reality in this unique setting will significantly impact nuclear power companies who adopt this technology, minimizing the risk to employees and saving themselves millions of dollars in operational efficiencies.”

Rich Mitchell, a member of Proforma’s Million & Multi-Million Dollar Club, received the Innovator of the Year Award at this year’s Proforma Annual Convention and Family Reunion for his work on this VR project.