Serious Labs, Skyjack develop VR scissor lift simulator

//Serious Labs, Skyjack develop VR scissor lift simulator

Serious Labs, Skyjack develop VR scissor lift simulator

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Serious Labs and Skyjack have developed a new virtual reality (VR) scissor lift operator training simulator.

The scissor lift training scenarios, developed through guidance with Skyjack, will take the operator through realistic exercises of driving, turning, lifting and lowering. The scenarios will support a “generic” style of scissor lift – one diesel rough terrain and one electric slab – and provide the same feel and balance as being on the actual machine. A data-capture system records the operator’s achievements and failures, which can identify weaknesses for future improvement.

The scissor lift scenarios are being designed to comply with the new ANSI standards and the IPAF training program. The simulator’s training scenarios map 1:1 on assessment for certification validation while tracking the movement of best practices.

“The goal of our operator training is to provide a safe environment to learn and make mistakes. But once those operators get on the job site, the goal is that they go home in the same shape as when they arrived. VR training helps achieve that,” said Jim Colvin, CEO of Serious Labs.

United Rentals, which is a partner with Serious Labs, said it’s imperative for the industry to continue to embrace disruptive innovations when it comes to safety.

“The type of work that Serious Labs and Skyjack are doing with VR simulators is the future of safe equipment operations, and we stand ready to make it available industry-wide through United Academy training,” said Jim Dorris, United Rentals’ vice president – Health, Safety, Environment and Sustainability.