UEI College Launches New Electrician Technician Program

//UEI College Launches New Electrician Technician Program

UEI College Launches New Electrician Technician Program

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UEI College, the West Covina Vocational and Trade School, is growing with the addition of a new Electrician Technician training program at the West Covina campus.

“UEI College’s new electrician technician program is a timely answer to a growing need for trained electrician professionals,” said J.C. Rivas, campus president. “As home and business construction grows, there is a corresponding need for electricians that can care for and repair large motors, equipment and control systems or install wiring and troubleshoot electrical problems.”

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs for electricians will grow by 10 percent for the next decade. In response, UEI’s program gets students up to speed, following a hands-on curriculum that focuses on the skills that matter most to employers. In as few as 10 months, students will develop the skills and get the tools needed to work effectively in the electrician field.

The Electrician Technician training program prepares students for an entry-level job in the residential, commercial, or industrial fields.