VirTra Launches Driving Simulators for US Law Enforcement

//VirTra Launches Driving Simulators for US Law Enforcement

VirTra Launches Driving Simulators for US Law Enforcement

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VirTra Inc. will be introducing driving simulators specifically designed for U.S. Law Enforcement at the IACP Conference in Chicago, Illinois.

These simulators have been specifically designed to fit the unique needs of U.S. Law Enforcement. The hig- definition environments and decision-making objectives ensure that the focus of training is on the driver’s cognitive learning and decision-making rather than just the operation of a vehicle.

The V-DTS combines patented technology with pre-authored or customizable scenarios and Test Facility Tracks designed by internal experts to teach defensive and emergency driving. Instructors can control a trainee’s location, objective, and whether to participate in free drive or work on specific defensive techniques. The graphics utilize technology similar to that in the latest video games, and vibration and an optional motion platform immerses trainees in the experience. The simulated vehicle, as well as all other virtual vehicles, obey the laws of physics so that the weight distribution of vehicles when stopping looks and feels realistic. VirTra has also include real-world hazards such as dust storms, rain, and sun glare.

The V-DTS includes multiple screens that help create a 360-degree experience and an on-screen compass which increases trainees’ cognitive skills by helping them learn to monitor their location and direction of travel. The instructor interface supports a full debrief and timeline of events for debriefing with trainees.

“We understand the disconcerting numbers of injuries and deaths related to vehicular incidents, and it is our belief that by providing officers with an opportunity to improve their training for the most hazardous situations in a simulator, we can help lower the statistics around accidents,” said Jason Mulcahy, VirTra’s general manager.