VirTra Receives $2.3M Follow-On Order for Law Enforcement

//VirTra Receives $2.3M Follow-On Order for Law Enforcement

VirTra Receives $2.3M Follow-On Order for Law Enforcement

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VirTra Inc. has received a $2.3 million follow-on order from the Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) to provide Arizona law enforcement organizations with VirTra’s judgmental use-of-force training and firearms simulators, including virtual firing ranges.

In 2016, the Arizona DPS placed an $2.1-million order with VirTra for V-300 simulators, which the company delivered to seven separate law enforcement agencies throughout the state. Under the terms of this follow-on order, VirTra will provide the Arizona DPS with 13 simulators, as well as scenario authoring software, services, maintenance, warranties, and accessories. The Arizona DPS will deploy VirTra’s 300-degree V-300 LE simulator, V-ST PRO marksmanship simulator, or both, to local law enforcement agencies in order to enhance Arizona’s current simulation training programs and expand these programs to additional agencies across the state. VirTra expects to recognize the majority of the revenue from this follow-on order in fiscal year 2020.

“When officers are well trained and more confident in their abilities, they are safer and do a better job in the field,” said Lt. Corey Doggett, training commander for Tucson Police Department, who received a simulator through the initial order. “Having our own VirTra V-300 training simulator has helped us improve in these areas and in many others. The VirTra V-300 is, and continues to be, a valuable component of the Tucson Police Department’s training academy.”