VirTra Releases the New V-DTS Driver Simulator

//VirTra Releases the New V-DTS Driver Simulator

VirTra Releases the New V-DTS Driver Simulator

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VirTra recently debuted a driver simulator at IACP 2019, which received great feedback and acceptance. Now the company is ready to sell and install this new technology for users.

The VirTra Driver Training System (V-DTS) is designed to provide cognitive training to law enforcement while helping them learn different styles of driving – from patrol to pursuit. Instructors can allow trainees to experience free drive, pursue a fleeing suspect and more with numerous weather and road condition variations. To challenge an officer further, instructors can even add heavy traffic or a large number of pedestrians.

Designed by VirTra’s team of developers and artists using the Unity 3D game engine, the V-DTS lets users experience stunning graphics along with realistic simulation physics and vehicle movement from a durable mechanical motion rig.