Blackboard Secures FedRAMP Moderate Certification

The U.S. federal government awarded the Software as a Service (SaaS) deployment of Blackboard Learn — Blackboard  Inc.’s flagship learning management system (LMS) — FedRAMP Moderate. This authorization makes Blackboard one of the only commercial off-the-shelf SaaS providers authorized in AWS GovCloud (US) as an Educational LMS. This newest authorization follows on the heels of Blackboard Learn's FedRAMP Tailored (Li-SaaS) authorization awarded in 2018. The National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA), a longstanding Blackboard partner, has sponsored both FedRAMP authorizations. Image credit: Blackboard Earlier this year, Blackboard also achieved Amazon Web Services (AWS) Government Competency status. This designation recognizes that Blackboard possesses deep domain expertise in security and compliance and works with government customers to deliver mission-critical solutions on AWS. Blackboard is the only LMS provider to receive this Government Competency. "We're thrilled to receive FedRAMP Moderate authorization and the AWS Government Competency, as both underscore our commitment to ensuring federal and non-government clients are operating in a SaaS-based online learning environment that adheres to the most rigorous safety and security requirements," said Bryna Dash, Vice President of North America Government at Blackboard. "The certifications enhance our ability to support government agencies in their effort to accelerate cloud adoption [...]

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Online Tool to Train How to Ventilate COVID-19 Patients

An online training tool has launched that can quickly teach nurses and doctors how to operate ventilators under the direction of an intensive care consultant. FundamentalVR worked with Imperial College and donated the tool in the hopes of helping combat the issues currently being seen with ventilator training. The new online tool, developed by Imperial College London, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust and FundamentalVR, allows redeployed clinicians to gain the key knowledge they need for ventilating patients in just 30 minutes. The training consists of a show how-to video that teaches the essentials of operating ventilators. Clinicians can use the tool on their smartphones at home or in real-time as they care for patients, enabling them to begin running ventilators immediately under the supervision of an intensive care consultant. It can be accessed for free by any clinician across the world, regardless of health system or specialism. Professor Ara Darzi, co-director of the Institute of Global Health Innovation at Imperial College London, which is leading the project at Imperial, said: “It takes years to specialise a clinician in intensive care; while this new training course is not designed to replace this expertise, it will enable health systems across the world [...]

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BodyWorks COVID-19 Ultrasound Sim

Intelligent Ultrasound Group, the ultrasound artificial intelligence (AI) software and simulation company, has announced its BodyWorks Point-of-Care (PoCUS) Ultrasound simulator, with its newly released free COVID-19 lung ultrasound module, has been made available in the emergency simulation centre that has been set up at the NHS Nightingale Hospital at London’s ExCel centre. To help in the fight against COVID-1,9 the BodyWorks training simulator combined with staff operating on-site at The Nightingale, are helping train clinicians to rapidly acquire and practice lung ultrasound skills. Lung ultrasound has major utility for the management of respiratory related COVID-19 infection due to its safety, repeatability, absence of radiation, low cost and point of care use. It is also relatively easy to disinfect compared to alternative imaging modalities. As well as the NHS Nightingale, the company has also remotely upgraded over 30 of its BodyWorks PoCUS training simulators with the new training module in hospitals in the UK, USA, Europe and Asia. The BodyWorks COVID-19 module is provided free of charge for all existing and new BodyWorks PoCUS customers and will help with the training of healthcare professionals working in the front line of this global emergency.

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US Aviation Training Solutions to Add Black Hawks

U.S. Aviation Training Solutions (USATS) is set to welcome the first of two UH-60A Black Hawk helicopters to KTIX in May. The newly refurbished UH-60A will be the first based at USATS’ Titusville headquarters and training campus in Florida. Image credit: U.S. Aviation Training Solutions The addition of the two Black Hawks will complement the existing fleet of eight European-based USATS Black Hawks, further reinforcing USATS’ commitment to training leaders in the aviation industry. USATS is currently offering a variety of training on types such as the Black Hawk, Huey II, R22, R44, A109, MD902, MD500/530, Bell206 and Schweizer S300. With a maximum take-off gross weight of over 10,000kg, the ability to carry a crew of 4 and 11 additional personnel, the Black Hawk is also able to carry external loads up to 3,600kg and has a maximum speed of over 350 km/h, giving it the strength and speed to fulfil a range of missions. “The Black Hawk is a staple in IDAG’s fleet in Europe and deploying it to our U.S. main campus reflects opportunities for training public use, para public, firefighting, and military pilots worldwide. We have had a huge demand from pilots in South America [...]

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PSMF Has New Commitments from Kaiser Permanente

This month the Patient Safety Movement Foundation is highlighting Kaiser Permanente for making formal commitments to reach ZERO preventable patient deaths by 2030. Kaiser Permanente, Northern California in Oakland, has made an initial commitment in alignment with several Actionable Patient Safety Solutions (APSS) including #2D Ventilator-associated Pneumonia,  #2E C. diff, #2F CLABSI, #3A Medication Errors, and #14A, Falls and Fall Prevention in Adults. For APSS #2D, Kaiser Permanente was able to identify gaps in their current improvement strategy. Kaiser has fully implemented their HAP Reduction program and will plan for sustainability this year. For APSS #2E, Kaiser Permanente has implemented all of the PSMF's recommendations in their original plan. They have established a sustainability governance structure in order to promote shared learning, monitor and respond to drift. Using APSS #2F, Kaiser Permanente identified gaps in their planned interventions and has successfully implemented all of the PSMF's recommendations in their plan. For APSS #3A Kaiser Permanente will continue to hardwire the interventions outlined in their overall plan, with a significant focus on getting strict adoption in the use of Smart Pumps. Since the start of Kaiser's commitment, they have utilized the PSMF's APSS #14A  to identify any gaps in current mitigation [...]

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Self-Driving Shuttles Are Making Special Deliveries To Medical Staff

Beep, an Orlando-based autonomous shuttle service provider, is using its autonomous shuttles to deliver pizzas to the Orlando VA Medical Center located in Lake Nona, an innovation hub where the company is headquartered. Image credit: Beep This week, Beep partnered with the Lake Nona community and local favorite Park Pizza & Brewing Company to donate and deliver lunch with the autonomous shuttle to health care workers on the front lines at the Orlando VA Medical Center. Typically, the shuttles operate daily on a daily fixed route throughout Lake Nona. With operation temporarily paused due to COVID-19, the company is finding new and innovative ways to support the community. “It’s an honor to provide for those who are on the frontlines of this pandemic,” said Joe Moye, CEO of Beep. “Mobilizing our team and partnerships in any way we can to support our communities is necessary in this time of need.” To limit contact with the delivery, each pizza box was sealed, put onto a cart, loaded into the shuttle by Park Pizza & Brewing restaurant employees and then secured by the onboard shuttle attendant. Personnel at the medical center were then able to roll the cart into the [...]

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PSMF Added as Charity in App

The Patient Safety Movement Foundation (PSMF) has been added as a charity in the mobile app, Charity Miles, which allows users to fundraise while they exercise. Image credit: Patient Safety Movement Foundation For every mile users moves, they help fundraise for the Patient Safety Movement Foundation from a corporate sponsorship pool. Users can also create their own team and ask friends and family to join, or pledge to support you. Donations made through the app will benefit the Patient Safety Movement Foundation.

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Conquer Experience Releases PeriopSim in Response to COVID-19

In response to current educational conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic, Conquer Experience has released its latest surgical technology PeriopSim remote learning program. Image credit: Conquer Experience PeriopSim is a surgical training and assessment platform for clinical educators in hospitals and schools who need to train the OR team but require a patient-safe way to rehearse procedures before they walk into an unfamiliar situation. Using authentic procedural footage and gamified learning techniques, the platform features over 35 simulated experiences that run 6 times faster than real life so students can develop more experience, faster. To date, PeriopSim has provided over 20,000 simulated experiences for some of the best teaching hospitals and schools including Common Spirit’s Creighton University Medical Center, George Washington University Hospital, MacEwan University, Contra Costa Medical Career College, University Hospitals in Cleveland and Johns Hopkins Sibley. Currently, PeriopSim is available through the iPad and Virtual Reality platforms using the HP Reverb and HTC Vive with plans to expand to Android tablets and desktop PC and Mac versions later this month. “PeriopSim is a bridge between the classroom and the real world,” said Angela Robert, CEO and Co-Founder, Conquer Experience. “It’s an off-the-shelf way for educators to put [...]

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Operative Experience Offers Virtual Tour of RealMom

Operative Experience is offering virtual demonstrations of RealMom via live conferencing. Multiple people can join from different locations as long as they have a computer or mobile device and internet access. Image credit: Operative Experience RealMom 2.0 is the latest generation of the Operative Experience’s life-like vaginal birthing simulator,  and it now comes with new features and improved performance that make training with RealMom more realistic to a clinical experience with a real patient in the labor and delivery room. RealMom features life-identical soft tissue and skin, a natural active birth canal with automated dilation and fetal station and accurate internal anatomy. A sales representative will demonstrate all the key features of RealMom, and users will be able to see what makes RealMom a life-like and realistic birthing simulator for labor and delivery training. In addition, the team will be there to answer any questions a team has and can provide additional information.

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Dr Anthony Orsini Publishes Communication Training Book

Dr. Anthony Orsini, founder of The Orsini Way and a practicing neonatologist, has released It’s All in the Delivery. Through the book and his communication training company, Dr. Orsini teaches healthcare professionals a new way to communicate for improved outcomes and patient satisfaction. “We are currently in an unprecedented period of health care – patients are anxious, and medical professionals are stretched thin. Effective communication is more important than ever,” said Dr. Anthony Orsini. “Communication between a patient and provider is not just about providing accurate information. It’s about building a trusting relationship from the very beginning. “The techniques presented within It’s All in the Delivery are a result of decades of experience and personal interviews with patients and families,” continued Dr. Orsini. “They improve provider-patient interactions, and change the way doctors, nurses and hospital staff members view the entire patient experience. Medical professionals can also use many of these methods as they transition to telemedicine, allowing them to build and maintain rapport with patients even when their interactions are remote.” It’s All in the Delivery is for health care professionals who want to learn communication techniques to connect with their patients, build loyalty and express the natural compassion that [...]

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