Inlusion De-Icing Tech Innovation Showcased at I/ITSEC

//Inlusion De-Icing Tech Innovation Showcased at I/ITSEC

Inlusion De-Icing Tech Innovation Showcased at I/ITSEC

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Inlusion demonstrated its de-icing/anti-icing virtual reality training program last week at I/ITSEC in Orlando, Florida. The simulation program was created for Baltic Ground Services.

Image credit: Inlusion

The program simulates the aircraft de-Icing procedures in VR, including liquid spray, lifting platform control and communication with other staff. Students can practice in two different modes: a full-training program or an examination mode. In the first mode, the user is guided through the procedure by a visual hint system with the ability to make mistakes. In examination mode, the hint system is absent; the user must make his own decisions and act as he was trained.

After completing the simulation, users can view the results of their performance, showing the amount of liquids and the places that were sprayed on each separate part of the plane.

This VR training tool was developed to fill the gap between theoretical and practical training of de-icing staff. It’s estimated that after practicing de-Icing in VR, trainees will need up to 50% less practical training on actual operations. This will save instructor time, additional personnel involvement in training, and other resources required for training.

During unlimited VR training, trainees can practice their spraying skills and learn the optimal trajectory of spray, so less actual liquid can be used in the real-life procedure. It is estimated that approximately 1000 L of de-Icing fluids can be saved during the cycle of one person’s training, which consists of 10-20 practical operations.