Virtualware Immersive Room Unveiled

//Virtualware Immersive Room Unveiled

Virtualware Immersive Room Unveiled

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Virtualware recently unveiled Virtualware Immersive Room, a virtual reality (VR) solution for full-scope field training that allows the military industry to replicate multi-user combat scenarios in 1:1 scale.


Image credit: Virtualware

The Virtualware Immersive Room will be able to train several units based in different locations but in the same large-scale virtual battlefield. This solution not only improves the individual, team and unit-level performance in real situations, but also reduces the investment in physical replicas and even the expenses of bringing the units together to one location for training.

What Virtualware defines as the next breakthrough in enterprise VR is already being used to train complex processes in the nuclear sector; contributing to the improvement of professionals’ capabilities and the reduction of both costs and risks. The first content simulator developed is aimed to train workers in fuel movement operations, using a physical replica of the necessary equipment connected directly to the virtual environment.

Virtualware was recently awarded the VR Enterprise Solution of The Year at the VR Awards for the solution.